General Questions

How do I measure children for their gowns?

Measure the child from the top of their head to the ground while they are wearing shoes. Click here to see sizes.


Can I use tassel with year date charm on cardboard caps?

Yes, we re-designed our cardboard grad caps to accommodate all featured tassels and charms.

Can we purchase our cap and gown sets with different colored tassels?

Yes, order any color gown set and any color tassel at no extra cost.

Do I receive a FREE Diploma with each basic cap and gown set I order?

Yes, if your order is postmarked on or before March 31st, 2018, you will receive a FREE diploma of your choice. Click Here for Diploma samples. If complete 4 character Diploma Item # is not listed, you will receive a moving up certificate with each set ordered.

How do I calculate Imprinting costs?

Item numbers calculate imprinting costs. There is an $11 imprinting fee for each different item # ordered. If you want to imprint 250 Preschool diplomas (TB-PS), 15 Kindergarten diplomas (TB-KG) and 200 Invitations (TB-INV-P), your imprinting cost would be $33. Quantity ordered DOES NOT affect price. To save on imprinting costs, you may want to order a 2-year supply.

Is there a cost for Imprinting FREE Diplomas?

Yes. Promotion does not include the cost of imprinting. Please add $11.00 for each Item # imprinted. (i.e. If you are ordering 200 NCA-KG, ADD $11 Diploma Cost)

What color are gown sets available in?

Polycotton (Matte) caps and gowns are available in Red, White, Blue, Gold, Purple, Maroon, Dark Green, Kelly Green, Light Blue, Pink and Black. Polyester (shiny) caps and gowns are available in Red, White, Gold, Kelly Green, Dark Green, Light Blue, Purple, Maroon, Pink, Royal Blue, Black and Navy Blue.

What material are the caps and gowns made of?

We have two types of high quality reusable material to choose from.

  • Polycotton - This is our standard matte material and can be machine washed or dry- cleaned.
  • Polyester - This is a shinier material that we do not recommend washing.
  • Caps are made with the same high quality material, but because of the cardboard components inside they cannot be dry cleaned or machine washed.


    Is there a minimum order amount?

    Yes, a $20 minimum applies to all on-line, phone, or mail orders being paid by credit card. Orders must equal a minimum of $20 once the merchandise and S&H have been added together. Smaller orders can be accepted via mail but must include a check for the merchandise and full S&H.

    What types of payments does Rhyme University accept?

    Rhyme University accepts American Express, Discovery, Mastercard, and Visa credit cards with a minimum purchase of $20. We also accept school checks and money orders.

    Why do you need my email address?