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Rhyme University

Graduation Tassels

Since 1972, Rhyme University has manufactured graduation items to help graduates and their families celebrate their scholastic accomplishments with a sense of pride while creating memories that last a lifetime at an affordable price.

We’ve maintained ourselves as an industry leader over the last three and a half decades by listening and tailoring our products per the feedback of our valuable customers.

Graduation cap tassels

Graduation tassels are looped around the button on top of the mortar board of the graduation caps. When attached, the graduation tassels should hang down to either side of the graduates face.

Graduation tassels are worn to the right and then flipped to the left upon receiving the graduation diploma. Some schools have the student flip their graduation tassels after the handshake, just before walking off the stage or on signal.

Graduation tassels color choices

For collegiate ceremonies, the color of the graduation tassels is generally determined by the field of study. For high school graduation ceremonies graduation tassels are usually a primary color or a mix of school colors. Sometimes students are given a different colored graduation tassels such as gold to signify and honor status.

Our Preschool graduation tassels and our Kindergarten graduation tassels are available in 22 different colors.

Single Colored Graduation Tassels:

Light Blue / Sky Blue
Maroon / Burgundy
Dark Green / Forest Green

Double Color Graduation Tassels:

Gold and White
Red and Gold
Red and White
Blue and Gold
Blue and White
Dark Green and White
Purple and Gold

3 Color Graduation Tassels:
Red, White, & Blue

Custom Colors for Graduation Tassels:
Need a custom color for your graduation tassels that you don't see click here.

Each of our graduation tassels come with a current year charm. Clamped to the top of the graduation tassels, each charm is a gold color and makes for a beautiful graduation keepsake for years after the graduation ceremony.