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Rhyme University

Graduation Supplies

Since 1972, Rhyme University has manufactured graduation supplies that help graduates and their families celebrate their scholastic accomplishments with a sense of pride while creating memories that last a lifetime at an affordable price.

We’ve maintained ourselves as an industry leader over the last three and a half decades by listening and tailoring our graduation supplies per the feedback of our valuable customers.

We offer a wide selection of graduation supplies from caps, gowns, and tassel sets to student achievements and Teacher appreciation awards and gifts. Below are just some of the items we offer.

Graduation Packages for Preschool, Kindergarten, Head Start, Elementary, Middle, and High School
Graduation Rings
Honor Stoles
Honor Cords
Custom T-shirts
Custom Sweatshirts
Graduation Balloons
Parental Awards
Graduation Music
Achievement Ribbons
Progress Reports
Lapel Pins
Teacher Appreciation Gifts
Student Rewards
...and much more!