5 Ways to Care for Your Graduation Caps and Gowns

5 Ways to Care for Your Graduation Caps and Gowns

You’ve ordered and received your preschool and/or kindergarten graduation gowns. Graduation day is coming up fast. And your little graduate is getting excited for the big day. With all of the build-up and graduation planning, don’t forget to properly care for your graduation caps and gowns. We’ve got 5 ideas for you to make sure your kids look their best on graduation day.


  1. How to Wash Your Gowns

    Your graduation gowns should be ready to wear when you receive them. However, if you want to wash them, make sure Shiny Gowns are hand washed only. Matte Gowns can be machine washed on cold, and hang dried.



  1. Dealing with Wrinkles

    Shiny Gowns require very little “wrinkle management.” Hang your shiny gowns on a clothes hanger for about 24 hours to release any wrinkles. You can also steam shiny gowns on low heat, if you’re pressed for time. To removed wrinkles in MATTE Gowns, iron or press the gown on very low heat, with a towel placed between the gown and the iron.


  1. Caring for Grad Caps

    Whether they are shiny or matte, graduation caps don’t require a lot of care. We do recommend keeping your grad caps in a dry location to prevent the mortarboard from taking on moisture from any humidity. And keep the cap flat ensure that the mortarboard does not get damaged.



  1. Graduation Ceremony Prep Time

    Both shiny and matte gowns should be hung on a hanger in a open area for at least 24 hours prior to graduation day. This will “de-wrinkle” your gowns so they look perfect for your little graduates.


  1. How to Store Caps and GownsRhymeU_ShinyCaps

    We understand many parents want to keep their child’s cap and gown. If your school or center allows this, the best way to store your graduation items is in a plastic case with tight lid. To prevent SHINY or MATTE caps and gowns from taking on mildew or mold, place clothes deodorants inside the case. Vacuum bags are also popular ways to store caps and gowns for many years.




Congratulations to you and your little graduate on their big day! If you have any other cap and gown ideas for us, let us know. We always appreciate your feedback.


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