Ideas for your Kindergarten or Preschool Graduation Ceremony

Rhyme University has received multiple questions about what should be included in the Graduation Ceremony. So we have put together a few ideas and would like to share them with our customers.

Depending on if it’s a formal Graduation Ceremony or Promotional “Moving –Up” Party here are some ideas.

Set the stage- it can be in an auditorium, cafeteria, the band shell, classroom or even a park.  Proud parents can sit in chairs that have been lined in forward facing rows on each side of the middle procession aisle. Keep the procession aisle clear so the little graduates can walk freely down the aisle.  Be sure to leave open spots in front row for those parents and/or grandparents with disabilities i.e. – wheelchairs, walkers, etc. To take it just another special step consider having an usher or two to assist people finding their seats.  As for the Graduates, you can have them stand on the stage or have assigned seating for them on stage. Be sure to rehearse so the children aren’t too nervous and know exactly where to go.

Programs are a great way to set the mood, keep a timeframe, set the expectations for the attendees as well as keep for a memento of this special day. Programs can contain names of the graduates, teachers, principals, directors and the agenda/layout of what the Graduation will entail. Programs can be handed out at the door as people arrive or they can be placed on the audience seats. Be sure to have plenty on hand as everyone always wants to see their little graduates name in print!

Graduates look adorable in their little graduation caps, gowns & tassels.  Make sure to take the clothing out of their packages and let hang so any wrinkles can fall out. Wearing a nice collared shirt and dress shoes adds that sense of formality, and add those extra touches like Sashes and Rings to make them feel special. Graduates can set their tassels to the right so they can switch them once they been Graduated or let them hang freely. Most little graduates love to let them fly freely! But if you are interested in doing the traditional “tassel switch” they tassels are moved from right to left when the school instructs the graduates to do so. Some schools allow the Graduates to do this when handed their diploma. Others have an announcer or speaker instruct the graduates when to flip their graduation tassels. This is done at the conclusion of the ceremony.

Once the stage has been set and your audience is seated, and your graduates are dressed and lined up you can start your Graduation.  If you have multiple classes graduating at the same time you can have each teacher lead their class single file down the procession aisle and onto the stage. If you have only one group of graduates you can have them proceed down the aisle together in a single file or you can announce each graduates name as they proceed down the aisle. Majority of little Graduations play a song or graduation music like Pomp & Circumstance as the Graduates walk down the aisle. When all the students are on stage you can have the Principal come up and say a few words about the school year, the children and staff.  Students can sing songs, put on a short play, or individually come up to the microphone and state what they want to be when they grow up. Some schools will take pictures throughout the school year and have a slide show set to music for the guests to enjoy.  After the “entertainment” the graduates can one by one have their names announced and receive their Diplomas from the Teacher and/or Principal. This is a great opportunity for pictures!! Make sure everyone is facing towards the audience, shake hands and click, click, click! The parents can take those memorable shots of their child’s 1st Graduation!

After the Graduation you can have snacks & beverages provided for guests and graduates.  Some schools have the event catered, some ask the parents or PTO’s to do pot luck, or even a Pizza Party can be fun!!   You can also set up a backdrop for more pictures of the graduates with their classmates, parents, grandparents, etc.

Whatever you decide to do for your Little Graduation, remember to have fun with it the more fun you have the more the children and parents will remember in the years to come.

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